Wood & Resin

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For those who have come across DAMA Designs, you will know that a notable feature of our products is the inclusion of resin into the pieces we create. Occasionally, someone might ask about the sustainability of our furniture and homeware items. It’s a fair question, as we all need to ensure we are doing our […]

Translucent Elm and Resin Ottoman Tray

Ottoman trays are a flexible piece of homeware that can turn a footstall or a soft pouffe into a functional coffee table. But there are many more uses for this popular item around the home. Staying true to the inspiration behind Dama Designs furniture, I wanted to create an Ottoman tray that was different to

Creating this Hall Bench reminded of Steve Jobs who when talking about Apple’s design process and his quest for simplicity, stated that ‘simple can be harder than complex’. I am not for one minute comparing the design and creation of a Hall Bench to an iPhone but it is surprising that something which strives to

I’m finding lots of different ways of making coasters and including resin in the design creates even more options. Making these round ones from wood and resin is quite straight forward and the end results are quite pleasing. The most important items needed are resin, a wooden log (small diameter and unsplit), a bandsaw and

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