A blend of traditional and contemporary design...

Traditional and contemporary design that blends wood with modern materials is the essence of DAMA Designs. All our products are handmade by Ayo and are interesting pieces of functional art designed as furniture, homeware, wall decor or special gifts. Our products are made from hardwoods that have been sustainably grown and we prefer to use UK grown timber, sourced from local wood yards. 

No two products are the same. Whether it is furniture, wall art or a special gift, each item is a one-off piece whose form is guided by the nature and grain of the wood. Resin is often used to enhance the design to create pieces that are genuinely unique.

We are always interested in client  commissions so please contact us if you have a project in mind. 

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Customer Reviews

"This is my table. It was amazing to see the raw chosen timber turned into this timeless piece. It fits perfectly into the area that we commissioned it for. Beautiful quality."
Dawn R

If you have a project in mind why not give us a call or visit the online shop…

"My lovely tree bench was an amazing surprise birthday present from my children. It is beautifully made in tulip wood by Ayo and fits around the tree perfectly. It has become a focal point in our garden and much admired by friends. A wonderful place to sit comfortably and read or to relax whilst enjoying a glass of fizz or wine....after all it would be a shame not to use the specially designed drop down champagne holder! This is the perfectly made, perfectly designed, perfect present and I absolutely love it."
Tree bench in garden location
Judith H
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